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Intraocular gases

Intraocular gases have been an important part of vitreoretinal surgery for the past 40 years.

The range of indications for vitreoretinal surgery has widened in recent years, and intraocular gas application is frequently performed as part of retinal surgery, with the aim of achieving long-acting tamponade.

Sonomed Escalon offers Ideal solution for hospital and office-based pneumo procedures. Medical-grade C3F8 and SF6 multi-dose cylinders with 20 g volume provide ideal quantity for small and medium surgery volumes while minimizing start-up costs.

Easy and Accurate Gas-Mixing.

Join the multitude of retinal surgeons and nurses who avoid confusion and guesswork in the OR and ensure accurate mixing of gas by using the Sonomed Escalon Universal Gas Mixing Kit.

For more details visit our website or call to speak with one of our specialists

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