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Did you know that January is Glaucoma Awareness Month?

Glaucoma is also known as the "Silent thief of sight" as it causes a gradual loss of peripheral vision due to the optic nerve getting damaged painlessly, causing total loss of vision in its final stages.

Once you have lost vision as a result of glaucoma, you can't get it back. But, if you pick up on early symptoms soon enough, you can prevent any further vision loss.

Early detection is EVERYTHING when it comes to glaucoma. Please don’t forget to schedule your yearly eye exam so diseases like glaucoma do not go undetected.


Plateau iris is a type of narrow angle more commonly seen in younger adults that can lead to chronic angle closure glaucoma. Plateau iris refers to the anatomical configuration of the iris. Plateau iris is caused by a narrowing of the anterior chamber angle due to insertion of the iris anteriorly on the ciliary body or displacement of the ciliary body anteriorly, which in turn alters the position of the peripheral iris in relation to the trabecular meshwork (i.e. placing them in apposition). Plateau iris syndrome is defined as a persistently narrow angle capable of closure in spite of a patent iridotomy. Plateau iris is an ocular condition that requires appropriate diagnosis and treatment in order to prevent vision loss. Early recognition and intervention are key components to a good overall prognosis in this patient population. Sonomed Escalon’s proprietary Angle Analyses software allows to objectively track changes in anterior angle ✅👁


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