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Glaucoma – The Thief of Sight

There are two main types of glaucoma; open-angle and closed-angle.

Open-angle is the most common and develops slowly. Closed-angle occurs acutely ⚡

The symptoms of open-angle Glaucoma are:

🔹️Gradually progressive visual field loss

🔹️Optic nerve changes

Symptoms of closed-angle Glaucoma include:

🔹️Sudden ocular pain

🔹️Seeing halos around lights

🔹️Red eye

🔹️Very high intraocular pressure

🔹️Nausea and vomiting

🔹️Sudden decreased vision

Fixed, mid-dilated pupil(s)

If you are experiencing any of this symptoms, please connect with your eye care professional.

In support of Glaucoma awareness month this January, Sonomed Escalon reminds, Regular checkups are important to detect the disease in its early stage.


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