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Sonomed Escalon UBM

UBM is frequently used in research to better understand the angle and can be used for qualitative analysis of the anterior chamber angle (ACA).

Analysis and interpretation of images begin with identification of the scleral spur, a protrusion of the sclera into the anterior chamber that attaches anteriorly to the trabecular meshwork.

UBM can describe the presence of angle closure glaucoma, which is indicated by irido-corneal contact anterior to the scleral spur.

It can also distinguish between different types of angle closure, including pupillary block, plateau iris, and other causes. It may also elucidate causes of open angle glaucoma, such as pigment dispersion syndrome, if reverse pupillary block is seen on scans.

UBM may also be used for quantitative analysis of the ACA

Sonomed Escalon UBM can be used for imaging much of the anatomy of the anterior segment, as well as associated pathologies, including angle closure, glaucoma, ciliary body cysts, neoplasms, and angle trauma.


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